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Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Plans are useless, but planning is essential. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Prepper. Just the mention of it can make you react as if you stumbled upon a social pariah who decided to drop a deuce in your punch bowl at your birthday party. Until recently, preppers were the butt of jokes or the stars of those low-budget reality shows that you watch when you're feeling particularly masochistic.

Now, with all the events happening in the world — wars, pandemics, and shortages — prepping has barged into the spotlight like a fat dude with a serious case of IBS after an epic binge at the "Colossal Buffet." Even the skeptics are starting to see the harsh truth of prepping and how it actually applies to their own lives.

No cap. Our infrastructure is hanging on by a thread. Just think back to the good ol' pandemic days. Remember when toilet paper became a scarce commodity, and people went bonkers, scrambling to hoard supplies? I swear, I saw folks at Costco rocking full hazmat suits, pushing carts overflowing with water and canned goods like there was no tomorrow (and honestly, they might've been onto something). And let's not forget about those pesky strikes in the rail industry, cargo ships jammed in West Coast harbors, or barges grounded in the Mississippi River - all messing with the delivery of our precious food to the trucks, which then bring it to our supermarket shelves. To top it off, amidst the invasion of Ukraine, Russia decides to suspend their participation in the START treaty, bringing us closer to a nuclear conflict than we've been since, well, the time we dropped a bomb on Nagasaki. And then the commercials in New York City teaching you how to survive a nuclear attack are aired on local tv...

If you pay a visit to the FEMA website, you'll find some eye-opening examples that prove prepping is no joke. And the best part? The reluctant admission that our government would probably struggle to save anyone's Heinie if a major disaster hit.

All of this is pointing towards a perfect storm of calamities that could wipe out life as we know it. So having a plan in place is no longer reserved for the tin-foil-hat-wearing, conspiracy-theorizing crazies—it's actually considered wise and sensible.

Still, it's amazing how we humans have this incredible ability to cling to normalcy, even when the world is falling apart. Ignoring or denying any impending threats just seems easier than facing the horrifying possibilities that lie ahead.

But here you are, seeking some nuggets of information to protect yourself and your loved ones. Slow clap. By doing that, you've already secured yourself a few extra hours or maybe even days of survival ahead of the rest.

Let's take a look at the questions to immediately ask (before)/when SHTF:

Assess the Threat:

Is there imminent threat to life for you or your loved ones if you stay or go?

Assess the Duration:

How long must you stay in this condition? Or, when do you think help will come?

Assess your Ability:

How long can you walk with a heavy pack?

Assess your Group:

Who is the slowest? Why?

Are there any infants who may cry and alert your position to others?

Which members have a medical condition?

What is everyone's end goal? Wait for help? Avoid notice? Outlast everyone else?

Will you or others share resources?

Expect the Unplanned:

What if you get hurt?

What if someone in your group is hurt?

What if you have to leave someone for a short or long time?

Do you take in new members? What do they bring to the table?

What is Your Ability to Survive and Sustain Life for Others:
  • What's your ability to survive with your loved ones if you leave?

  • In either case, do you have the basic needs to survive?

    • Observe Mazlow's heirarchy of needs along with the Survival Rule of 3:

      • Do you have 3 minutes of air?

      • Do you have 3 hours of adequate shelter/protection against exposure?

      • Do you have 3 days of water?

      • Do you have 3 weeks of food?

    • What's your plan to resupply?

      • Do you have anyone who can defend hearth and home while you're out bringing home the bacon?

  • Can you defend yourself and others?

    • What's your plan if you or others get separated?

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