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Caveat Emptor

It's important to understand a key flaw in human nature when it comes to prepping…the ability to lie to oneself.


The human psyche is incredible as it's fight or flight reactions have endured for millennia in shaping our innate ability to endure.  Hope is a construct to overcome the impossible - sometimes it even works.


Remember this (write this down, you'll see it again): Do NOT buy something you will not train to use.  Otherwise, all you're buying is a false sense of security.


Hear me out.  It's like the person who goes out and buys gym gear - the best of the shoes money can buy, the Lululemon tights and the Gymshark tops - it never goes beyond the cash register.


Why?  Because the sense of accomplishment in spending on something for the greater goal is ENOUGH.


In prepping, this can lead to financial ruin.  If you don't know how to use it, protect it, or maintain it, all the gear in the world isn't going to keep you alive.


Before you spend a dime, make the commitment to learn the skill.

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